Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Save Enery Now

Bookmark and Share This familiar site of the "Nodding Donkey" can be seen in many countries around the world. It brings fame and fortune to those lucky enough to find OIL on their land and has fuelled happiness and sadness alike. The TV show DALLAS due for a re-launch is based on the great oil wealth of Texas and shows the rich and greedy at the peak of nastiness.

Compare if you will then the sad state of much of the earth subject to global warming to the point where the seas are becoming so depleted of fish stocks that whole species are being wiped out and fish catches are diminishing.

Politicans eager to gain political acclaim shout many new "Save Energy" slogans and even some give money to help houses to reduce energy costs.

One cause of energy loss that YOU can do something about now is the removal and prevention of limescale. The crystallisation of CHALK in your plumbing caused by hard water will cause you loss of energy by reducing significantly the efficiency of the heat exchangers, shortening the life of your appliances and of course producing unsightly scum.

This can be stopped and reversed NOT by lugging great bags of salt around the house and chucking waste water down the drain but with the latest efficient electronic water softening device, the LITTLE PLUMBER

The cost of one of these units will be SAVED in the first year by increasing your energy efficiency and will cause that donkey to nod just one or two times less.

More money in your pocket and less in the oil supplier. Better for the earth as well as better for you.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


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ASH CLOUD over Britain

The eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland is enough for us to realise the power of nature. It can be seen for miles and it affects not only those people living near it in Iceland but also aircraft who are at risk flying through the sand and dust it throws up miles into the heavens.

The power of nature is strong indeed and the energy released is also huge. The fact that it is so newsworthy is because it is so easy to see the raw power of a volcanic eruption and the devastating consequences.

The power of nature is also at work in areas of the world which suffer from hard water. The dissolved salts of chalk present in the mains water which comes into you property rapidly come out of solution and re-crystallises as chalk again. The name CHALK is replaced with LIMESCALE and as we know the effects can be just as devastating in the long term as a volcanic eruption.

If you added together the cost of all the energy wasted, all the domestic appliances ruined, all the extra washing up liquids, shampoos and cleaners used in the U.K. in one year it would be more than the cost of one volcanic outburst.

While we can wait for Grimsvotn to die down and the dust the settle, the all pervading problem of limescale continue unabated.

But help is at hand. No need to ground the planes, just install a Little Plumber and your problems will be solved.

The amount of energy you save in the first year of use with a Little Plumber will cover the cost of the unit and the cost of operation…..about £2.00 a year.

Sometimes the raw power of nature can be reversed and so easily and at so little cost.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cappuccino time

Bookmark and Share THE DEAN SWIFT in Butlers Wharf London ordered an LP2 unit back in May of 2010 to put on it's coffee machine.

Max, the manager is thrilled with the results. "We used to always be pouring descaler fluid through the coffee machine which ran slower and slower because of the build-up of limescale. Now since May we have had no problems. The LP2 was very easy to fit and I am surprised more pubs and cafes don't install them....and the coffee....tastes great!"

The fact is that without any chemicals or additional plumbing, the LP2 has saved the Dean Swift a lot of effort and kept the coffee coming at minimal cost.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Increased Energy Costs

Bookmark and Share This little unit is the LP2. Hardly bigger than a packet of 20 cigarettes (not that I smoke any more) and yet with the power to cut your heating bills by up to 40%.

The reason is simple. If you have hard water, you have limescale. If you have limescale you will have a thick encrustation of it on your heat exchangers in your boiler or other hot water generator. This means that your heat exchangers are actually LAGGED with limescale and so instead of the heat being exchanged efficiently, the scale acts as an INSULATOR and so 40% at least of the energy is lost.

With an LP2 we absolutely GUARANTEE to remove and prevent limescale all over your property or you get your money back in full.

Wouldn't you like a clean shower, scale free kettle, shiny taps?

Just install a Litlle Plumber LP1 or LP2 or other model of choice and "Bob's your Uncle"...job done!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Little Plumbers! Do they work?

Bookmark and Share If there is anyone out there who has had a Little Plumber product from us or any of our stockists during the last 10 years and has found that it does not work then please put a post on

We would be grateful

Thursday, 25 February 2010


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De Vere venues at Milton Park near Abingdon had a big problem in their Leisure Centre. The Centre consists of a Gym. Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi. Sauna and a Steam Room. All in all a really nice place to be and somewhere the guests at the Hotel visit regularly. Leisure Club Members however noticed that the Steam Room was rarely working. There was always a problem because as it transpired, the steam generator kept clogging up with limescale and stopping. Despite many visits from the service engineer the problem persisted until someone had the bright idea of fitting a Little Plumber unit LP3.

From the time it was fitted which was nearly 10 months ago until today there has been NO BREAKDOWN and the resident maintenance engineer is thrilled. "What's more, we haven't even had to change or replace the steam canister once (a Carel Humisteam) which normally needs changing twice a year. There is no need to and there is just no limescale in the unit, just a small amount of sludge in the bottom of the unit which seems to cause no problem"

The saving to De Vere has promted a letter from the Manager Gary which we add below and is self explanitory. Well done Little Plumber!

Dear Mr Beaumont

22nd January 2010

When you originally approached us with a solution to the never-ending problem of the steam generation canister scaling up with the resultant closure of the steam room, I was along with our maintenance manager somewhat dubious.

Well the LP3 unit, which we installed, has done the job brilliantly and to my knowledge the down time for the steam room has been zero.

This has of course been an excellent result and has saved us a lot of money as we have not had to change the canister nor have we had to pay call-out charges to engineers to come and fix the problem.

In addition of course our members have enjoyed continuous use of the steam room, which certainly before installation of the LP3 they were not able to do.

Kind Regards

Gary Ockwell

Thursday, 4 February 2010

How to get FREE energy

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Well now! Energy prices are forecast to go through the roof this year so get ready for bigger bills. Oil will cost more, electricity and gas are all going to cost more.

If you live in a hard water area, the water might be good for you heart but it's bloody awful for your pocket. Why? Because the limescale building up in your heating system is going to act as a wonderful INSULATOR and keep the heat IN the heating coils and OUT of the water you are trying to heat.

All this means that you boiler is going to pump away harder and harder to heat up the same amount of water and of course costing you more and more.

Add to this the problem with your washing machine and dishwasher not running effectively, plus the inevitable fact that they will burn out quicker in hard water than in soft and you can see that to get RID of your hard water will save you a fortune. LP units cost around £2.00 a year to run. Yes you read it right...TWO POUNDS.!!!

How much? Well if you buy a Little Plumber we will GUARANTEE you save the cost of it in the first year!!!! That's equal to FREE ENERGY in the second and subsequent years!

We are so confident in our units that we offer a full 12 month money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. So if you don't think you have saved the cost of the unit in the first year just send it back.

Yes it's that simple. Just take a look at a photograph I took from a hot water cylinder and you'll see what I mean.

Add to this showers clogging up, taps scaling up and pipes getting narrower and you can see that and LP unit isn't just something you might consider installing.